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Why Us?

We are the manufactures of authentic and traditional aranmula kannadi. 

We assure: 

  • Quality Of Mirror
  • Clarity Of Mirror
  • Lifetime Warranty of Mirror

We are from the original manufactures of traditional Aranmula Kannadi or Aranmula Mirror. we assure 100% dedication and quality throghout the work, from taking the mud from the paddy fields to the shipment to the proud mirror owner.

Making of Aranmula kannadi is a ritual, we noticed that some of the vendors are practising it as a business by using the readymade frames from moradabad ( known as moradabad frames ), and assembling it in their workshops by making user of other workers. but the traditional aranmula mirror making proces, the artisan is the only person supposed to involve in the making process. REMEMBER...Traditioanl aranmula mirror doesnt have any silver colored or such fancy frames as it appears in many websites in internet.

Original and Traditional Aranmula Kannadi is making only in one place in the entire world, that is in ARANMULA. And It comes in Golden Brass frames only. See the sample models Here.So when you see a Silver colored or any such fansy looking frames. they are not TRADITIONAL AND ORIGINAL ARANMULA MIRRORS. And if you found any duplicated or fake imitations please inform us. Aranmula Kannadi is protected by geographical patent. So Making or selling any imitations is a serious offense and we will sue them to the maximum extent of available laws.

Our mirros are produced by 100% of manual work. we are not using any machines or ready made parts. we are using 100% local resources ( mud from local paddy fields, led, copper and brass from mannar local market).so 100% of resources are from local to ARANMULA. We doesn't have any brokers or dealers working with us. you can find many third party dealers who is selling Aranmula mirror online. but they are buying the mirror from us and reselling it. in that case you have to pay their margin and causes delay in delivery.